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This “Ink Bold” card from Chase seems to be the current record-holder for biggest signing bonus on a business card ($500), making it good for aggressive bonus hunters. I signed up for a similar Ink card in January as part of a bonus hunting experiment I’m running myself. (So far, so good as I am up $1000 over three cards).

To qualify for the bonus on the Bold version, you need to spend $5000 on the card within the first three months. This would be a stretch for my own business, but for people planning an equipment purchase or business travel in the near future, it could still work. If you have rental houses as part of your business, one neat trick is to simply pay your property taxes using the business credit card, as mine does at

To clear up a bit of ambiguity about those “points”: you get 50,000 points for signing up, which can be redeemed for $500 in cash, or $625 worth of travel, and various other things. In the bullet points below, Chase is pushing the travel, but being Mr. Money Mustache, I obviously prefer the CASH option :-)

Disclaimer: These card companies don’t like it when I try to put things into my own words. So, the stuff above is my opinion only – consult the Chase page itself for accurate details on the card.

You can also find some other rewards cards, sorted roughly in order of usefulness, on my credit cards page.


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