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The Lending Club Experiment

Can you Really earn 10% Annual Returns These Days!?! Find out at the MMM Lending Club Experiment Headquarters. In September of 2012, I started making a series of investments in the relatively new field of peer-to-peer lending, choosing a company called Lending Club as the destination.  The goal is to see if the higher returns…

The Lending Club Experiment … Four Months Later

Adventurous readers may recall that we are in the middle of a Lending Club Experiment – on September 24th, I posted an article describing my first foray into peer-to-peer lending and promised to keep you updated on the progress of the investment. At the time I invested $10,000, and distributed it mostly among the higher-yielding…

Your Money or Your Life

Want to hear something really weird? All this time, I’ve been writing this blog about financial independence, a term and movement that is often credited to the 1993 book “Your Money or Your Life”. I had been assuming that Mr. Money Mustache himself was at least partly motivated by a long-ago reading of that book…

The PeerStreet Experiment

In April of 2016, I invested $10,000 into the new field of peer-to-peer real estate loans. I chose PeerStreet as the most promising subject at the time, and wrote about it in this article: High Efficiency Real Estate Investing with PeerStreet This tracks the results of the investment and keep up with news on the company…


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