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Reader Case Study: Student Loans or Saving for a Home?

Hey! It’s time for a Reader Case Study! I almost forgot about this cherished category of posts, partly because my MMM contact email address stopped forwarding way back on January 10th. “Ahh, this is relaxing”, I thought, “I guess nobody has any questions for me these days!”. Mrs. Money Mustache laughed at my naivete. I fixed the…

Case Study: Growing a Money Mustache at Sea

I just got an interesting request for a Mustachian Makeover*. Here is our reader’s story: Dear MMM, I was wondering if you might want to do an analysis of some reformed spenders working hard on their stash but dealing with the repercussions of previous and lasting life choices (like a mortgage) in their newly reformed…

Instant Wealth Boost by Tidying up your Bank Accounts

Being Mr. Money Mustache comes with certain privileges and responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is helping individuals with their problems, and there was a rather interesting problem on the operating table here at MMM headquarters last week: A reader who happens to live in Colorado set up an appointment to meet with me to review…


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