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Get Rich With: Conspicuous Consumption

MMM Note: The following is a lesson from our Canadian friend Mr. Frugal Toque, a long-time reader and contributor to this blog, and soon-to-be early retiree. I can’t say for certain that we Mustachians need perfect honesty: I’d be lying to you. But if we’re to proceed with the utmost efficiency, we’re going to have…

Mr. Frugal Toque on Mortgage Freedom

Foreword from Mustache: Almost exactly one year ago, our Canadian correspondent Mr. Frugal Toque and his family reached a nice milestone: a mortgage balance of Zero. Although early retirement and financial independence do not strictly require you to pay off your mortgage (or to own a house at all) as long as you have other investments to cover your…

Fine Canadian Winemaking with Mr. Frugal Toque

Foreword from MMM: Mr. Toque is back with more advanced Mustachi0-Canadian techniques! While the methods described within definitely work in Ontario, if you have similar tricks for your own area, please share them in the comments. In the mean time, at least I have my Bota Boxes.. ————— If you grew up like me, which…

Canadian Investing with Mr. Frugal Toque: Part Two

Canadian Retirement Investing with Mr. Frugal Toque – Part Deux Previously, on Canadian Retirement Investing with Mr. Frugal Toque (see Part 1), we discussed the two major investment vehicles that are available for private individuals who do not have company or government pensions available to them. Those were the RRSP and the TFSA. The key…

Canadian Investing with Mr. Frugal Toque: Part 1

An exciting event is coming up in my group of old friends: another one of us is approaching Early Retirement. Mr. Frugal Toque, whom you may recognize from his many comments and occasional guest posts on this site, is a software engineer in his mid-thirties living in the high-tech belt of Ottawa, Canada. We survived…

Man Sells Motorbike, Experiences Bliss

It’s the weekend, and the MMM family is deep into our annual Summertime in Canada tradition. That makes it an ideal time to run a little side story from my Ottawa* friend Mr. Frugal Toque. He and his lovely supportive wife are now approaching their own financial independence milestone, just 8 years after us. It…

Mr. Frugal Toque Gets Laid Off

Foreword by MMM: The following is a tale from my good friend, Mr. Frugal Toque. We went to engineering school together many years ago, and started our careers at the same time. Although I moved to Colorado 13 years ago, we’ve kept in touch regularly since then.  He recently went through a rare experience for…


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