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• Wake up with alarm clock, roll over, and immediately check phone.
Wake up naturally as your sleep cycle ends.

Proceed directly outside into the natural light.

Direct your vision upwards and also try to get sunlight on your skin if possible.
• Make coffee and a high-carb, high-sugar breakfast like toast, orange juice, waffles, flavored yogurt, etc.• Go for a short walk (or even run) depending on your fitness level.

• Then return and have a light breakfast (coffee or tea, nuts, an omelet if you’re hungry)
• Scroll some Facebook/Twitter on your phone and/or turn on the TV news to “stay informed”• Grab your pen and a paper journal and write out your thoughts for the day: things you are grateful for, things you are excited about today, and a list of top priorities for the day.
• Get into your car and drive to work• Walk or bike to the office, or settle into a dedicated space in your home to begin work.
• Endure the usual frenzy of firefighting, distractions and occasional entertainment as you try to get your job done.• Turn off your phone and disable email for 1-3 hour periods when producing creative new stuff (make sure your colleagues know this is how you operate). 

• Come out of this focus mode for batch email responses and any meetings, then return for a second session in the afternoon.
• Drive through heavy suburban traffic to a restaurant for lunch, eat some processed foods and a soft drink and/or beer.• Go for a walk at lunch, then eat a giant salad with optional added protein sources.
• Finish work and drive home, flip on the TV and Doordash something for dinner.• Finish work and walk home. 

• Stop by the gym (whether at a facility or at home) for a brief session of heavy weight training

• This could be as little as six sets of lifts with under two minutes of rest between the sets.
• Have a beer or wine with dinner, which may turn into a second if it’s tasting good (or one of those 12+ ounce wine glasses). 
Benders on Weekends!
• Avoid casual alcohol consumption.

• If you do enjoy the drug, save it for true special occasions – a maximum of 2-3 drinks over the course of a week.
• Head back to the couch to finish off the day with some favorite shows

• Or, relax with the phone or laptop to finish off the night with some Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube or whatever else strikes your fancy.
• All devices are off after about 7:30pm except for things you plan purposefully (family movie, date night, etc).

• This will open up an incredible void which you’ll suddenly find yourself filling with catching up on personal development, taking care of the house, setting yourself up for tomorrow, reading, meditation listening to podcasts, and journaling. 

• AND, you’ll get tired and fall asleep much easier, allowing you to begin the cycle anew tomorrow without the need for an alarm clock.
General Principles:

• Throughout your days, seek comfort and convenience. 

• Keep your air conditioning set down at 72 in summer, your heat at 70 in winter, and avoid exposure to heat, cool, discomfort, hardship or exertion whenever possible.

• Focus on your limitations and the fact that the outside world is at fault for where you are in life. 
General Principles:

• Find ways to seek voluntary hardship rather than avoiding it. 

• Challenge your limits by walking in hot and cold weather, enduring a hot sauna, pools or lakes or streams of very cold water, and always identifying and stretching your limits in all dimensions.

•  Focus on learning. Every “problem” in life is really just a sign that you have more to learn.


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