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Note that I have been getting quite a few emails these days, so alas, I am only able to respond to a small portion of them. But I will still have time to read every one, and I’d love to hear from you.

Personal Advice: If you’re looking for advice on your own specific financial situation, you might try posting it in this section of the MMM Forums first. Many people besides me will be able to help out there, and I’ll occasionally get a chance to weigh in as well.

If you have a dire/interesting/unique financial situation and would like to be considered for a Reader Case Study, just put that in your subject line so I’ll know to read it over.

Guest Postings: This blog does not accept commercial or promotional guest postings.  People hoping to “build links” to their own commercial blogs to optimize search engine results will have to look elsewhere. (I still get several of these spams every day that start with stuff like “Hi I am Jamie I am professional writer and would love to contribute to you blog..”). So if this paragraph sounds a little bossy, that is why.

But I do love sharing the writing work of Real Mustachians (you know who you are), with tips on frugality or how you acquired your own financial independence, or how you are working on it right now.  People with their own blogs of a similar theme are welcome. The main criteria for acceptance is writing style – will it be entertaining to MMM readers?

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