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Overload Warning: Note that I have been getting quite a few emails these days, so alas, I am only able to respond to a small portion of them. But I will still have time to read every one, and I’d love to hear from you.  Sometimes I get a chance to publish stories from readers, so if something can be shared, let me know.

Personal Advice: If you’re looking for advice on your own specific financial situation, you might try looking for similar stories in this section of the MMM Forums first. You can even post your own question. Many people besides me will be able to help out there, and I’ll occasionally get a chance to weigh in as well.

If you have a dire/interesting/unique financial situation and would like to be considered for a Reader Case Study, just put that in your subject line so I’ll know to read it over.

Guest Postings and Marketing: the blog doesn’t run paid posts of any sort. I am also not interested in marketing/advertising partnerships, but thanks for your interest.

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