Road Trips

The neat thing about blogging that it feels like you get to travel the world and make appearances on blogs and websites from every continent, all while in reality you are just occasionally sitting in your office typing some stuff into the computer.

These Internet Road Trips, as I like to call them, provide some nice fun and variety to even a casual writer like myself, and hopefully to the readers as well. After initially seeking out some publicity when the blog was born with the two guest posts shown below, I have since decided to just sit back and let the Internet decide for itself where the Way of the Mustache should spread.

There have been some interesting destinations so far, and hopefully many more to come. We’ll be sure to catalog the most notable ones here, even while I continue to ignore self-promotion and instead just focus on what I do best: Occasionally typing some shit into the computer.

(Most recent items listed at the top of each list)


Random Media Appearances

Guest Posts