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My Son is Ready for Early Retirement

I suppose I can’t blame him, because this IS pretty nice. It’s Monday morning, and I just dropped him off at school, rode the mountain bike and trailer back home through the deep and fluffy remnants of the latest snowstorm, and settled in with this laptop and my sunny, empty house to compose my thoughts […]

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Weekend Edition: The Magic of Thinking Big

It’s the weekend, so that means we get to step back for a little bit of Philosophy instead of hard number-crunching. Today, I’ve prepared a little Story for you. One dark February night in 1992, the skinny teenaged version of Mr. Money Mustache was sitting alone on the La-Z boy chair in his parents’ living […]

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The Coffee Machine that can Pay for a University Education

Now that readers are starting to fantasize about getting a little bit of this early retirement action for themselves, Mr. Money Mustache is getting many questions about the typical expenses people imagine in their future. One of these is “How will I pay for the University* education of my children”? I must admit, even as […]

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