Introducing IndexView: Become One with the Economy

Good investing is really simple: get yourself into the position of owning a portion of a profitable business or property, keep it as long as possible, and live off the resulting stream of dividends and appreciation. For even greater wealth, just reinvest the earnings into still more profitable ventures. This high-level view is liberating because it…

Which Part of the Money Wave do you Surf?

One of the silliest objections I run across to the Mustachian lifestyle, is the concept that it is Extreme. Mr. Money Mustache needs to go out and buy more shit right now, because otherwise he’s depriving himself. And his family too. You only live once, and what good is money if you don’t spend it on…

Book Review: The Intelligent Asset Allocator

What’s your style of investing: Stocks, or Bonds? And if you say “Stocks”, are you fond of Small Cap or Large Cap, and would those be in the categories of Value or Growth, and in US, European, Asian, or Emerging Markets? I’ve learned that readers of Mr. Money Mustache vary widely in their response to…

Book Review: Economics Explained

I have an irrational love for the subject of Economics. This strange love lay dormant in me for my whole childhood and high school career, because I incorrectly assumed I was born to be an Engineer – meaning I assumed that taking optional economics classes in high school would be a distraction. But in university,…

Book Review: “Enough.” by John C. Bogle

Mrs. Money Mustache forwarded to me an interesting video clip on YouTube with this wise old guy dishing out some very humble and sensible lessons for living a meaningful life. As I watched, I came to realize the guy talking was John Bogle, the founder of the Vanguard Group, a place that has been leading…

Become a Lazy Landlord – with REITs

Rich people come in many different flavors. Any established wealthy person knows that it is much easier and more profitable to have their money working for them, than to depend on using their own time and labor to work for money. That’s why we call our dollar bills employees here at MMM. But beyond this…

Summer Clearance Sale on US Stocks!

Stock market watchers like myself have had an entertaining couple of weeks recently. Amid lots of dramatic economic and political news, the S&P 500 index has dropped from a July level of 1356 down to 1199 (as of Friday August 5th). This 157-point drop works out to almost 12 percent of the value of  the…

Dude, where’s my 7% Investment Return?

In most of my examples of small savings adding up over time, I assume that you the saver are not only saving the money, but investing it for some compounding gains. For example, I once stated that saving $25 per week by skipping a restaurant meal adds up to about $19200 after 10 years. To…


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