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Selling the Dream of Financial Independence – Part 2

In the first post of this series, we laid the groundwork for tempting a spendy spouse into a more frugal future. It was my attempt at combining the necessary logic and psychology that are required to slowly but surely allow someone to change their mind about the connection between spending and lifetime happiness. In this […]

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MMM Challenge: Cut your Cash-Leaking Umbilical Cord

The prize for this week’s challenge is about Nine Thousand Dollars, plus getting the equivalent of about 36 weeks of extra vacation time each year. That would bring you up fairly close to my own level of¬† leisure. The challenge, of course, is to immediately and completely cancel your cable television service forever. Now I […]

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MMM Save $100 This Week Challenge: Update

Good Morning Mustachian Trainees. I posted the $100 Challenge last Wednesday Night, which made Thursday the first day. The post got an unusually large number of reads last week, and again today due to a valued reader who posted it to her facebook page – thanks a lot! But have you actually been challenging yourself? […]

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MMM Challenge: Save 100 Dollars This Week

Perhaps you have been reading along so far, enjoying our little growing community, but you’re still not sure where to get started. There’s plenty of personal finance advice out there, but you’re too busy to search through all the disorganized piles of non-amusing advice. You want to do it the Mr. Money Mustache Way! Well, […]

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