How to Start a Blog

turntable_georgeWhat an interesting hobby this has become. I started this “just typing some shit into the computer” hobby almost two years ago, and it has totally shaken things up in the Mustache household (which is only even called the Mustache household because of this blog).

I’ve had the privilege of meeting many new people, surfing on quite a few couches, and eating several free lunches provided by generous visiting readers. Several trips (including Hawaii and an upcoming one to Ecuador) are a direct result of this gig, with more sure to come. On top of that, there has been challenge, learning, and nowadays even some significant earning. So, although I was reluctant to add this new thing to an already-busy life back in 2011, now I’m glad I did (and most of the credit for that goes to the lovely Mrs. MM for forcing me to do it).

Many people email me these days asking for advice on starting their own blogs. Since I’ve only ever started one, I can’t claim to be an expert on the topic. But given the number of requests, I figured it might at least be helpful to share what we have learned over this time, in case it helps the other people on the fence get going more quickly.

Why would you even want to start a blog?

In my opinion, the only reason you should do this is because you enjoy writing and learning. Maybe you discovered an aptitude for busting out some fine phrases in high school English class, but then got shunted into a career path that leaves those skills neglected. Maybe you would like to learn more about computer, web and internet technology, and prefer to learn by doing. In general, if you really notice differences in writing style, and passionately enjoy some of them while actively hating others, you might be a writer yourself. But blogging isn’t reserved for people with some magic bit of proven talent. You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone. It just matters that you enjoy it.

What are the benefits of having your own blog?

The neat thing about these things is that if you’re lucky, they force you to write. Maybe you have always wanted to write a book, but you find the idea daunting. 250 pages or more of carefully-edited and researched stuff.. who has time to make something like that? So you never get started.

This is where a blog comes in handy. You can write a 500-word diddy, or a 1500’er like most of the ones you see here, or any other quantity. You still wrote something, which means you have greased your mind and wiggling fingers for more writing in the future. It all adds up, and you get some practice and refine your ideas, and at some point you might have everything you need for a book, without even realizing it while you wrote posts.

But it’s not just for aspiring authors. A blog is also just a place to tell the world how you think, or connect with other people, or record your progress on something that is important to you. It can serve as a place to be publicly accountable. Or maybe just to post funny stories about your cats or your kids. And its purpose can change at any time.

There is also a strong business case behind learning blog skills and technical skills in general. This is a real and growing industry, with jobs and real money flowing about for organized people. For example, the job title ‘WordPress Developer’ didn’t even exist when I was a software engineer, and now it is a field were a software person can earn a six digit salary or start her own similarly lucrative business, and get a job entirely by demonstrating things they have developed – no degree required. ‘Blog Advertising Consultant’ is another that came out of nowhere, and of course there is the King of self-made internet entrepreneurs, Pat Flynn at Smart Passive Income.

But I’m not a programmer. Aren’t these things difficult to set up?

Not really. The simplest way to create a blog is to simply visit blogger.com or wordpress.com and sign up for a free account. Another great platform is the public-essay/newspaper thingy called Medium. Following the prompts and poking around will have you writing your first post within five minutes, and it might be all you ever need to do. Although it’s a good way to start, that is not the subject of this post, since I’m going to cover how to start a larger-scale, self-hosted blog instead.

Why would I want to have my own hosting?

If you are starting a blog for just friends and family, you wouldn’t. Those wordpress.com and blogger.com accounts keep millions of people happy. But if you’re planning a blog that might become a business, and have things like advertising, affiliate links, or high traffic, you’re better off going for a blog that you really own, because it allows you to control many more aspects. With your own hosting, you get much better visitor statistics via Google Analytics (which works well with blogger.com and a self-hosted WordPress blog, but not wordpress.com), the ability to control your look and feel with more plugins and customizations, plus the ability to run your own advertising (which is not allowed on wordpress.com and blogger – in fact, they reserve the right to run their own ads on your site to pay for the free account).

Plus, your web hosting account can serve as your personal online headquarters, since you generally get unlimited storage space and fast transfer speeds even with starter accounts. Store your backup files there, create additional websites for your family, share those 8GB video files with your friends in other countries via HTTP or FTP, and much more. Mrs. MM and I have had dedicated web hosting accounts for 10 years or more for all of the reasons above, long before blogging was invented.

So how do I do it?

Part 1 – Think up a Domain Name and Get Yourself a Hosting Service

Perhaps you’ve already got the perfect domain name. If not, let me offer you some advice. Don’t name your site something like mydebtfreerevelation.com or billyissavingforretirement.com. Make it something catchy, like the catchyfisherman.com or thoughtful/artsy, like texanmuse.com. (I just made those up, if you can believe it, and they’re still available until some lucky reader claims ’em :-))

(Note: I’m using a Bluehost affiliate code below, so this blog may receive a commission if you use it – and if you do, thanks very much!)

I’ve grown pretty content with Bluehost hosting. People keep telling me, “Man, you can’t run a site as big as Mr. Money Mustache with shared hosting! My site is 10 times smaller and I upgraded long ago!” But after upgrading to their “Pro” service and running some speed tests, I find that we still have capacity to spare, even with over 1.5 million pageviews per month, and often more than 200 simultaneous readers clicking away. Although a costlier hosting plan may still be in the cards after additional growth, I’m amazed at how much output we’re getting right now. The biggest benefits, however, are just in the ease-of-use of using a bigger provider like this:

  • domain registration and hosting are all done in one step
  • wordpress blog installation can be added with the click of a mouse
  • automatic backups save you from accidentally erasing your own site, as I did a couple months ago
  • forums (like our own Money Mustache Forum) are easy to install
  • FTP and email accounts and all sorts of other stuff come for free as well

So anyway, if you decide to follow the same path, here’s how you’d sign up with Bluehost:

Special thanks to Mrs. Money Mustache, who wrote the original version of this guide.

Step 1: Go to Bluehost.com (affiliate link) and it will take you to this page:

The cost varies, but due to the number of MMM readers flowing in, they give us a special. Right now it looks like it’s only $3 per month – still amazing to me since I remember paying much more for 100 megabytes of storage (about 20 modern digital pictures).  Click “Get Started Now.”

Step 1.5: choose a plan. Basic will do just fine, although “prime” is a good deal if you value the extra options. Domain Privacy is an important one, available separately for $0.99 per month even if you don’t get the prime package.

Step 2: If you want to register your newly-invented domain name, enter it on the left.  If you already have one registered elsewhere, enter it on the right.  Since you can register a free domain name with every new account, it might be worth locking in one either way, depending on your needs.  Click Next.


Step 3: Oh look at that… CatchyFisherman.com is available.  Lucky me!


Here’s where they tell you about your Free primary domain registration.  Enter your account information and then choose your package details.  It looks like they’re trying to sell me a bunch of extra stuff.  The only thing we chose was the Domain Whois Privacy for an extra $10 per year (this prevents your real name and mailing address from being publicly associated with your domain name).


The drop down will show you the current account plan options.  We picked the ‘plus’ plan, when first starting MMM, because I wanted be able to accomodate other hobby sites as well.  No need for a pro package just yet — you can upgrade your site at any time once the traffic is a flowin’. I found basic hosting was good up to at least 10,000 pageviews/day.

Step 4: I’m assuming that once you fill out the page in step 3 and click Next that you will get some kind of login information for your Control Panel (‘cpanel’).

You now have a domain name and a hosting service.  Congratulations!

Part 2 – Create your WordPress Blog in 4 Steps using Bluehost

Step 1 – Go to bluehost.com and click Login in the top right corner. This will take you to something called your cpanel.  Under the “Website Builders” category, choose WordPress.


Step 2 – Now you should be in the Mojo Marketplace. Click the Start button for a brand new install.

Step 3a – You will need to choose a location for your install — this will probably be the root of your new URL, so you would leave this unchanged. In my case, I’m installing a new blog under www.mrsmoneymustache.com/catchyfisherman. Click “Check Domain”.


Step 3b – For the last step, check “Show Advanced Options” and see what’s there. You can change this information if you like. Leave the “automatically create a database” box checked. Check the terms and conditions box and click “Install Now”.


Step 4 – Bluehost will automatically install the whole WordPress system. In the meantime, you can click “No thanks” to their attempt at selling you a theme.  Once this is complete, you will receive an e-mail from Mojo Marketplace letting you know that your new WordPress install is complete. You will also find the information to login to your new site in this e-mail.


Your wordpress blog is up and running already!  You’ll now see the site in the “My Installs” section. Check it out by going to the URL (in my case: www.mrsmoneymustache.com/catchyfisherman) or login to the admin section of your site by clicking the green “Admin Login” button.


That will take you here to login. You are logging into the backend of your wordpress site (more on this under Part 3 below):


Note the URL to this login page. For me, the URL is: http://www.mrsmoneymustache.com/catchyfisherman/wp-login.php.

Here’s the Mrs. MM Catchy Fisherman blog after the initial Install.  You can customize the look in the WordPress admin panel.


As you can see, using Bluehost makes a WordPress Install quick and easy.  You can set up numerous sites this way on the same host by using the same 4 steps above.

Part 3 – A few customizations within WordPress

Now you have a site and you can start typing and publishing right away, but you may want to do a few things within WordPress first.  I’m far from a WordPress expert, so if any of you recommend any other setup steps, please let us know.

Step 1 – Login to the wordpress admin section of your blog by entering the username and password you were given.


Step 2 – You will arrive at your WordPress Dashboard.  This is the “back end” of your blog.  This is where you go to do almost everything, including adding posts, changing the look and feel, adding plugins, etc.

For added security, the first thing you’ll want to do is change your login by removing the Admin username (unless you already did this during the install, like I did above):

  • Choose Users -> Add New
  • Invent a memorable new username and password for yourself
  • Choose “Administrator” in the drop-down box at the bottom labeled “role”
  • You should now have two Admin level users.
  • Logout as “admin” and log in using your new username.
  • Then, delete the old Admin account. Now you should only have one admin profile.

Step 3 – you may have noticed that your dashboard gave you a notice to sign up for a WordPress.com account. This is an account with the actual WordPress company, which is different from the accounts just created here on your own server.

You do want this, because it is required to enable an essential plugin called ‘Jetpack’ (which is valuable for site statistics as well as other plugins). So click “Connect to WordPress.com” and then register for an account there (I have no idea why you need to sign up for a separate account for this, but hey, whatever). Save the login information religiously.

Once you have an account, you can authorize Jetpack and you will see a new option under the left hand menu for “Site Stats”. Your site stats will start to display in a little while, although at first you will get a “Take ‘er easy, dude.” message.

You may have also noticed that there are some updates to install. Like most pieces of software, WordPress is under constant development (and it’s amazing that it is free to use!). Under ‘dashboard’, choose ‘updates’ and let WordPress do its thing.

Step 4 – Finally, you can now check all your settings and learn about them. Go to ‘Settings’ and poke through each menu item. Under ‘General’, you can type in your site name and tagline (i.e. early retirement through badassity), your e-mail address, as well as your time zone. Be sure to click the ‘save changes’ button for every page.

Advanced option: check out the ‘Permalink Settings’ to ensure the links to your articles URLs show up the way you’d like them to.  This will be handy when your catchiest articles later go viral on the Internet, as well as increasing the number of visitors you will get from search engines. The default of using Post Name seems pretty good, especially since an MMM reader friend of mine who is a Search Engine Optimization expert recommends leaving the date out of the permalink.

At this point, your site probably looks blank but enticing and ready to go. If you added a site name and tagline, you’ll see that. Since we deleted the Admin account, your hello world post is probably gone. Note that you are currently set up using the default theme (a theme is what dictates the look and feel of your site). The default theme is called “Twenty Fourteen” in this case, and mrmoneymustache.com is running one called “skeptical” at the time of writing.


Part 4 – Updating your blog’s look and feel

Step 1 – when you choose Appearance – Themes, you’ll see the theme that is currently installed on your site at the top left. The range of available themes is almost endless and people are making hundreds more even as you read. I also see that the Mojo Marketplace has been added as a convenient quicklink, which is a clever way to get you to buy one of their themes. I’m sure their themes are great, but start with something free and get to know your site before buying a theme.


After initial install, you have the option to choose another theme (in my case Twenty Thirteen or Twenty Twelve) from the Themes tab, or search for free themes using a keyword under the WordPress.org Themes tab at the top of the page.  You can search by keyword or by filter (as I’ve done in the image in Step 2).

The Add New link at the top of the page also allows you to upload your own theme. It’s a flexible option, but be careful only to use themes from a trusted source lest you end up installing malicious code.  A few reliable sources we’ve used are the Free WordPress Themes (which are built into the search), WooThemes, and Elegant Themes.

WooThemes has some free themes that you can use and Elegant Themes allows you to have access to ALL their themes for $39. I have purchased themes from both places and have never had any issues. I’ve also heard that ThemeForest is a good place to purchase themes, although I haven’t done so myself. I’m assuming that the Mojo Marketplace is also a reputable place to purchase themes.

Note that it is often difficult to change the basic look and feel of a theme, so make sure you start out one with basic positioning that meets your needs. If you have experience with CSS and PHP, you can dig in and change almost anything, but without that knowledge you may be stuck with a theme’s default options.

Note the “Live Preview” link under each available theme. This allows you to see what your site will look like using the new theme. If you save and activate, then the new theme will be used and your previous theme settings will likely be erased… so be careful!

Step 2 – If you decide to use one of the free WordPress themes, just use the built-in search box. For example, suppose you want one using the color orange, with two text columns and a right side bar. I’d also like to be able to upload my own logo so I choose Custom Header. Check the appropriate boxes and click ‘Find Themes’.

My search results look like this:

From here you can preview themes and choose one to install. Note that the themes won’t look the same on your site as they do in the thumbnail, as your site currently has nothing on it (you’ll notice this as soon as you click the “Preview” link). It can look the way they show in the thumbnail with some work.

Step 3 – You could spend all day or all month looking for just the right theme. This is one of Mrs. MM’s weaknesses. For this example, we will stick with the default theme. After updating a few options under Appearance – Theme Options, we end up with a web site that looks like this.


Note: this screenshot is from the original article (although updated with the new theme), so it is for mrmoneymustache.com/mrsmm instead of mrsmoneymustache.com/catchyfisherman.

Part 5 – Start Blogging!

Once you have the theme you want, you can start creating blog posts (under Posts) and pages (under Pages). You’ll probably want to link to your social media accounts and start letting people know about your blog once you have some good content.

Under Settings -> Privacy, you can choose to make your blog visible to search engines or not.

Under Appearance -> Menus, you can create a menu which helps users navigate to key pages in your site.

Under Plugins, you can add any of the thousands of plugins developed by other people. These are like phone apps for your blog, and many are quite powerful. But again, be careful since some may have bugs or security holes.

The MMM site contains the following plugins that might be useful: Ajax Edit Comments, Akismet, BackupBuddy, BNS SMF Feeds (for the forum feed), Jetpack, LinkWithin, Random Redirect, RSS to Email, Subscribe Sidebar, WP-Optimize, WP-Table Reloaded, WP Security Scan, and WP Super Cache.

If you do create a blog as a result of reading this article, and you feel it might be useful to other Mustachians, feel free to share it in the comments. It is normally considered bad form to blatantly plug your own blog in somebody else’s comment section, but in this case, we’re here to support each other in the wonderful world of self-publishing. Happy Blogging!

Here’s that Bluehost link, in case you choose to support this blog while creating your own.
(It doesn’t affect price to you, and many thanks if you do!):


  • Jane October 23, 2013, 12:50 pm

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    • Mr. Money Mustache November 11, 2013, 12:13 pm

      That is some good shit! You had me scared with the first post title, which sucked me in to read the good investing message.

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    I’ve got some traffic already, mainly from doing a few blasts out on some social media outlets, but it’s crazy to see friends of friends sharing the link to my blog. People I don’t even know are sharing my posts, and I’ve got nearly 700 views after less than a week online. The feedback I’ve received is overwhelming, and nothing but positive (for now, ha!).

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    Thanks again for all the helpful hints and tips, MMM! Next step is to start trying to make a bit of pocket change off my work. My first priority is to help people change their lives like I did (via weight loss), but a few extra bucks would certainly not hurt in the long run!


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    • Mrs. Money Mustache March 24, 2014, 7:51 pm

      Done! Thanks for letting me know. There are still a couple of old screenshots in there, but for the most part, the update is pretty complete (as of today, March 24, 2014).

      Note that you don’t need to buy new themes. You can still choose the Wordpress.org Themes tab (linked in blue) from the Themes menu.

      • The Roamer September 14, 2014, 6:16 pm

        Thanks so much Mrs.MM. It really did help!
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    Cheers and thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

  • Michael July 14, 2014, 9:31 pm

    Thanks MMM- I just created my new blog yesterday- in about 2 hrs including customization.

    This post was extremely useful for me when creating a blog- Before I read this article I never planned on making a blog- once I learned how easy it was, I literally followed this guide step by step to create my blog-
    I’ve made 4 posts so far and am making progress at having good financial content.

    Perhaps you could write a post on how to acquire readers- and get site traffic through the blog- thats the stage I’m at now-

    Thanks Again!!!

    PS. Gotta add a Shameless Plug:
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  • Lance September 5, 2014, 9:56 am

    Better late than never! Thanks for the help and guidance along the way with this blog.


    Fun hobby to help others out and share a lot of personal experiences. Lots of stuff about how to get out of debt, but how about we don’t get in to debt to start with and just pay ourselves instead of others. I like me, I like money, I really like both together!

  • Paul Andrew September 10, 2014, 2:41 pm

    I have to say that you are one of my blogging inspirations. Great content and above all, great humor in every post. It helps to avoid some of the preaching that is evident in other blogs.

    I have been inspired to start thefrugalgraduate.wordpress.com and hope to grow it into an inspiration and resource much like yours has become.

  • Ms. Feisty Finance September 14, 2014, 2:01 pm

    Hey guys,

    Thanks Mr. Money Mustache for this amazingly simple and straightforward guide to starting your own blog! If I can do it, anyone can! :)

    I’ve started a new blog at http://www.feistyfinance.com for anyone interested (I’ve been blogging under http://www.mydebtemergency.blogspot.com until now… but will be transitioning that blog to the new one). Feisty Finance is a personal finance blog for feisty and ambitious women.

    I’m still working on adding posts, so check back frequently and let me know what you think.

    Ms. Feisty Finance

  • Joshua October 4, 2014, 12:23 am

    Thanks for the information. I have been looking to change my blog to a self-hosted one, and this was a great guide. http://www.LivingToTheUtmost.com is now up and running. Great site, currently reading all the articles and enjoying them.

  • Kim Flournoy October 7, 2014, 9:44 am

    Hi MMM et al,

    I’m one of those professional WordPress Developers, and I have an addendum to your instructions above. Since I’m sure that traffic is still coming to this page, it would be great if you could update your information at the top of the page to reflect this. If not, hopefully people will scroll down this far…

    Dear potential (or current) WordPress blog owner: Stop everything you’re doing, take 5 minutes, and do both of these things. No, seriously, whatever else you’re doing can wait.

    1) If you are self-hosting WordPress on your own website hosting account (Bluehost or wherever), you MUST MUST MUST keep it updated. The underlying WordPress software and any plugins you install will have updates from time to time – if you do not keep fairly up to date on this, your website WILL be hacked. Updates don’t take very long to do, and WordPress will even alert you when you’re logged into the Dashboard that there are updates.

    Or you can sign up for the WordPress.org mailing list to get an email for each new release (a few times a year):

    1. Go to http://wordpress.org/support/profile/

    2. Log in (or create a new account if needed, then log in).

    3. Click “Edit” on the right.

    4. Scroll down to the “Mailing Lists” section.

    5. Check the appropriate checkbox. You’re looking for “Subscribe to WordPress Announcements (a few messages a year)”

    6. Click the “Update Profile” button at the bottom of the page.

    You must do this even if you never use your blog (especially!). You must do this even if you don’t think your blog is important enough to hack. Your site *is* a target for hackers, and they have banks of computers running day and night to try and hack into literally any website they can find. Don’t let it be yours.

    2) Backups. This will save your ass one very stress-filled day, and you’ll either be thanking me for recommending it, or cursing yourself for not listening.

    For backing up your WordPress database and files, I personally like the BackWPup plugin ( https://wordpress.org/plugins/backwpup/ ) – you can sync to Dropbox (probably the easiest option) or another service. Don’t back up to your same server.

    If you’re also using this hosting account to store photos, music, etc – make sure they are also backed up somewhere else! If this is the only copy you have, you might as well kiss it goodbye now, because one day it will be gone, and a $100 credit from your hosting company as an apology will not help dry your tears at forever losing that video of your kid’s first steps.

    Good luck, and happy blogging!

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    This post inspired me to start a blog at http://www.InsourceEverything.com The blog has a DIY theme to it, especially how to learn on your own, be more productive, and also save money


  • Cameron October 27, 2014, 1:20 pm

    Great article! It inspired me to create me very own blog at TheFilmBox.org! Hoping to follow in your footsteps and grow my own money mustache! Thanks!

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    I wanted to start a blog where all sorts of conventional wisdom is examined and then affirmed as being accurate or helpful or inaccurate and unhelpful. I hope that everyone can read my blog with an open mind and learn something or teach me something.

    Thanks for looking!!!

  • TheBreeze November 2, 2014, 1:31 pm

    Just made a blog using your guide MMM! At the moment I wouldn’t say it would be useful to anyone here, but down the line it will probably evolve into something useful! For now, though, it would be really useful to me if some Mustachians checked it out :)

  • mschaus November 10, 2014, 11:49 am

    This post inspired me to get back into my own blog which is primarily where I write about cool maker projects I completed or how to fix things that I needed to fix but didn’t have good info on the web. The blog itself can be esoteric, but I feel that my twitter feed might be of more general interest for technology and maker goodies!


    I’ll probably make a post on personal finance lessons next!


  • The Ranting Loon November 10, 2014, 7:15 pm

    Thank you MMM, I found your blog looking for resources about starting a new career and ran into this post. You made a new subscriber, and I made a new blog. It’s mostly just the random stuff off of my head and reviews about things I do, see and read, but I’m already loving the work. And to give a great big cherry topping, there are some awesome blogs linked in this very article that I’m looking forward to reading through as well, so hats off to you and the other intrepid bloggers out there!

  • DebtAnatomy December 12, 2014, 3:26 pm

    I know I’m a little late to the party, but I started my blog last week. Ironically I didn’t this post existed until after I set it all up, but it was great to see that I did it right!


    It’s about living with student debt as I go through medical school.

  • Brooks December 20, 2014, 9:44 pm

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  • Iris Hopp January 3, 2015, 1:17 am

    I did it! I even placed my first post & got Adsense in the side bar. I’d be honored if you took a look: http://www.colourcow.com/ (it’s about art, not money) :)

    Mr. Money Mustache, you mentioned in a different post that your blog is earning 6 figures… Do you have any how-to posts on blog monetization, or do you recommend reading through Pat Flynn’s website?

    While this is my first comment, you have been a great inspiration and my attitude changed greatly since I found this blog (just a few weeks ago…)

    – Iris

  • Tony D. January 9, 2015, 1:10 am

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    Thank You for your time………
    WorldSavingBlog Guy

  • The MC February 19, 2015, 11:29 pm

    Hey MMM, I wanted to come back to this old post and thank you for the detailed instructions. Doing some writing in public had been on my to-do list for a while. Both to keep us committed to our goals, and ust so I could practice writing more. With my wife’s encouragement (constant reminders) I finally got around to taking up the project, and this post was really helpful .So Thank you.

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