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When Energy Saving Becomes an Emergency

Pretty much since I learned to walk, I have had an unusual disdain for waste. I noted the inefficient route of the school bus and wondered why it couldn’t just pick us up at a few centralized locations. Tracked my allowance with multi-year forecasts and kept the dollar bills organized in a photo album. Always…

Three Fuel-Saving Hacks for Long Roadtrips

This summer, Mr. Money Mustache broke his own rules and burned an absolute shitload of gasoline to criscross the continent in a not-very-efficient vehicle. Sure, I can list a few excuses as to why I did it (it was a 7-week family vacation, I needed the big vehicle to carry all my carpentry tools and…

Reader Case Study: Student Loans or Saving for a Home?

Hey! It’s time for a Reader Case Study! I almost forgot about this cherished category of posts, partly because my MMM contact email address stopped forwarding way back on January 10th. “Ahh, this is relaxing”, I thought, “I guess nobody has any questions for me these days!”. Mrs. Money Mustache laughed at my naivete. I fixed the…

Socially Responsible Investing: Is It Also More Profitable?

Since the Dawn of Mustachianism in 2011, the same question has come up over and over again: And in these nine years since then, the movement towards socially responsible investing has only grown. Public pension funds have started to “divest” from oil company stocks, and various social issues like human rights, child labor, climate change…

Best Cell Phone Plans For Frugal People

You don’t need to pay an arm and a leg for cell phone service. A handful of wireless carriers offer excellent, budget-friendly options. The MMM cell phone service recommendations are maintained by Christian Smith, creator of Coverage Critic. Affiliate Note: Some of these companies offer commissions for online referrals. Other ones don’t. For those curious,…


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