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My Son is Ready for Early Retirement

I suppose I can’t blame him, because this IS pretty nice. It’s Monday morning, and I just dropped him off at school, rode the mountain bike and trailer back home through the deep and fluffy remnants of the latest snowstorm, and settled in with this laptop and my sunny, empty house to compose my thoughts…

Why Should I be Frugal, When I’m So Rich?

Ahh, money. The more you have of it, the more you get to spend, right? Everybody does it that way, so that must be the right way to do it. We all agree that, sure, the debtors and the flashy live-beyond-their-means club need to rein things in. But for those honest folks who work hard…

Pension, Schmension! Retire on Your Own Terms

At the beginning of your financial life, there are plenty of traps laid out to bite you. In all probability, you were raised by financially unskilled parents, meaning you picked up deadly habits like buying automatic-transmission trucks on credit and commuting enormous distances in them. All while thinking you are living a perfectly reasonable life…

First Understand, Then Destroy Stress

“The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself” – F. D. Roosevelt, 1932 “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” – B. McFerrin, 1988 Most of us know enough not to disagree openly with unassailable pillars of wisdom like those above. But somehow, we also have a hell of a time putting them into practice in…

The Riches of the Urban Harvest

Things have been a little quiet around this website in recent days, as Mr. Money Mustache has been lured away from the computer and out into the great outdoors for much of the past week. The weather has been outrageously nice, and the magical healing properties of Mother Nature have been working their magic on…

What it Feels Like to Become Rich

Overheard in a Reddit forum recently: Dear forum, I feel a bit stuck. I’ve got a solid job, I’m making 401(k) contributions, have no debt and my spending is under control. Making extra mortgage payments and buying a bit of Vanguard index funds with any money I have left over.  I drive a fuel-efficient car…


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