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Maximum Mustache March – Update

Wow, this special month of ours is really zooming past. By the time you read this, the Money Mustache Family will be deep in the high desert of Southern Colorado, camping out at the Great Sand Dunes National Monument. But I thought it would be handy to share some thoughts on the hardcore savings challenge…

Book Review: The Intelligent Asset Allocator

What’s your style of investing: Stocks, or Bonds? And if you say “Stocks”, are you fond of Small Cap or Large Cap, and would those be in the categories of Value or Growth, and in US, European, Asian, or Emerging Markets? I’ve learned that readers of Mr. Money Mustache vary widely in their response to…

Book Review: Early Retirement Extreme

There is a small but growing social movement spreading around the world these days. It started long ago but has been accelerating recently. Although this revolution is tiny when measured as a percentage of the population, it has the Fiery Heart of a Golden Lion and thus it gets an unusual amount of shock, admiration,…

$3 Per Month: The Largest Possible Music Budget

Mr. Money Mustache loves his music. I need a constant soundtrack of it at all times – different types of music for breakfast-eating, house-building, furniture-making, driving, blog-writing, exercising, dancing,  house cleaning, patio beer-drinking-and-campfire-having, and more. And it has to be different music all the time – no repeating the same song within a week (preferably a…

Book Review: Economics Explained

I have an irrational love for the subject of Economics. This strange love lay dormant in me for my whole childhood and high school career, because I incorrectly assumed I was born to be an Engineer – meaning I assumed that taking optional economics classes in high school would be a distraction. But in university,…

The Joy of Getting Laid off from your Job

A few weeks ago, I got a call from an old friend. He was a coworker at a company where I used to work as a software engineer. “Hey man, I’ve secretly become a Mr. Money Mustache reader over the last few months. And now it looks like I need some advice from MMM myself,…

Weekend Edition: the blog so far

Sometime earlier in July, I was perusing the WordPress site stats that prove so addictive to bloggers. I noticed that during my distracted days of lake swimming and cottage building, this blog had hit a nice round number milestone of having had individual articles read a total of 100,000 times. That seemed like quite a…


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