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$3 Per Month: The Largest Possible Music Budget

Mr. Money Mustache loves his music. I need a constant soundtrack of it at all times – different types of music for breakfast-eating, house-building, furniture-making, driving, blog-writing, exercising, dancing,  house cleaning, patio beer-drinking-and-campfire-having, and more. And it has to be different…

Weekend Edition: the blog so far

Sometime earlier in July, I was perusing the WordPress site stats that prove so addictive to bloggers. I noticed that during my distracted days of lake swimming and cottage building, this blog had hit a nice round number milestone of…

Weekend Edition: Health = Wealth

This week I accidentally got sucked into looking through one of those mindless ad-laden Forbes features on the world’s top billionaires.  The leader of this flock, the current richest person in the world is a dude in Mexico called Carlos…


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