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Frugality as a Muscle

Oh, Mr. Money Mustache is pissed off today. It’s because he just stumbled across a competing personal finance blog that espouses blatantly Anti-Mustachian principles! And yet it has the audacity to call itself IWillTeachYouToBeRich.com Here’s the article, called The Psychology of Cutting Back on Lattes, if you want to compare it to your own value […]

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Weekend Edition Book Review: The Millionaire Next Door

A few years ago, I made my weekly trip into the local library and did a little bit of browsing in the Getting Rich section of the bookshelves (I’m a big fan of the good ol’ 332.024 part of the Dewey Decimal system). I found an intriguing book called The Millionaire Next Door, The Surprising […]

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Mr. Money Mustache’s Own Story

Ahh, I see that sissy the “Realist” has been posting on my blog. I hope that doesn’t happen too often. Sukka’s too soft. You’ll never get anywhere with piddly numbers like $5/month or $5/day. And I had to laugh at that example.. would anyone really start buying lunch at a restaurant when they were already […]

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