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Mrs Money Mustache: Eliminating Lady Temptations

Eliminating Lady Temptations An Indefinite, Ongoing Series by Mrs. Money Mustache Being a Lady myself, I’ve fallen prey to lady spending in the past and occasionally find myself suddenly “needing” lady things out of the blue. Such as cute shoes, for instance.  I have also witnessed many seemingly normal and intelligent women declare that they […]

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Mrs. Money Mustache: The Secret Life of Frugality

—- Introduction: Welcome to the first post by Mrs. Money Mustache herself. Long a lurker on this blog, she finally has some things to say to balance Mr. Money Mustache’s manly voice. —- There are many people that dream of retiring early.  I was never one of those people.  The idea of retirement in my […]

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Having “The Talk” with a Current or Potential Mate

My wife actually invented this post and I think it’s a great concept to write about. You see, Mrs. Money Mustache* is an indispensable part of our shared empire of frugality. Believe it or not, she was generally just as excited as I was about making an extra payment on the mortgage. Or buying and […]

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