Equally Shared Parenting

Did you know that the MMM family was actually somewhat famous, in an anonymous and obscure way, before Mr. Money Mustache even started typing this blog? It all started back in 2008, when Mrs. M. was surfing around on her computer and came across this website about Equally Shared Parenting (ESP for short). If you’ve…

The Joy of Self Employment

When I retired from real work back in 2005, I inadvertently crossed a very interesting divide in our society. It was the canyon that separates the People with Real Jobs from the Self-Employed. As it turns out, I was entering a sparsely-populated area. Only about 1 in 9 workers in the US is self-employed, a…

Weekend Edition: The Magic of Thinking Big

It’s the weekend, so that means we get to step back for a little bit of Philosophy instead of hard number-crunching. Today, I’ve prepared a little Story for you. One dark February night in 1992, the skinny teenaged version of Mr. Money Mustache was sitting alone on the La-Z boy chair in his parents’ living…

Mrs. Money Mustache: The Secret Life of Frugality

—- Introduction: Welcome to the first post by Mrs. Money Mustache herself. Long a lurker on this blog, she finally has some things to say to balance Mr. Money Mustache’s manly voice. —- There are many people that dream of retiring early.  I was never one of those people.  The idea of retirement in my…

Silly and Misleading Retirement Calculators

I think the main reason people seem amazed at the idea of retiring at age 30, 40, or even 50 is the lack of real information on early retirement in general. If you type “retirement calculator” into a search engine these days, and enter some basic stats about yourself, you will find some very strange…

What Does “Early Retirement” Mean Anyway?

By Mr. Money Mustache I love the topic of “Early Retirement”, because that alone is the subject of so many books. But as a reader of this blog, you get full discussion of that topic for free. For previous generations, perhaps our parents or grandparents living stereotypical middle-class lives, retirement used to mean reaching age…


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