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Mrs. Money Mustache Remembers

It looks like we’ve just passed the ten month anniversary of this blog and are creeping up towards one year.  Just like with having a child, in some ways it went by quickly and in other ways it seems like this baby has been around forever.  The best part is the community that has been…

Mrs Money Mustache: Eliminating Lady Temptations

Eliminating Lady Temptations An Indefinite, Ongoing Series by Mrs. Money Mustache Being a Lady myself, I’ve fallen prey to lady spending in the past and occasionally find myself suddenly “needing” lady things out of the blue. Such as cute shoes, for instance.  I have also witnessed many seemingly normal and intelligent women declare that they…

Mrs. Money Mustache: The Secret Life of Frugality

Introduction: Welcome to the first post by Mrs. Money Mustache herself. Long a lurker on this blog, she finally has some things to say to balance Mr. Money Mustache’s manly voice. There are many people that dream of retiring early.  I was never one of those people.  The idea of retirement in my 30s didn’t…


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