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Arik Peterson draws over at DadsAre. “I hope my drawings and sayings inspire others to be great dads and cherish the once in a lifetime opportunities to amaze, play with and inspire your children.”

Career Coaching

At Loken Careers, our coaches work hand-in-hand with clients to help them discover their dreams, idealistic values, passions, and goals and then align these into realistic career paths and job postings. We pride ourselves on being action-oriented and practically focused.

Teri Slater is a Financial Coach who helps you address complicated behaviors, relationships, and discussions around money. She gives simple steps to discover your values, gain clarity and awareness of your spending, and get out of debt so you can live a life of financial freedom.

Financial Planning

Downshift Financial serves those seeking early retirement, semi-retirement, and financial independence. Travis and Eddie founded Downshift Financial to deliver real financial planning to regular people through a service model that actually makes sense: comprehensive, flat-fee, 100% fiduciary. No commissions, no sales pressure, no BS. Ready to make SHIFT happen? Send us a message.


Nimbus Roasters is dedicated to the craft of curating a unique coffee experience and sharing that experience with you. We’re not coffee snobs. We just love great coffee.

Scramblers Omelet Bars are the world’s first shelf-stable, egg-based, savory breakfast snack bars. We use high-quality ingredients (Pete and Gerry’s is a partner in the business) and no preservatives.

Health Insurance Alternative

Bill Melcher retired to Maine a few years back and has been researching alternatives to standard health insurance ever since. Recently, he and a partner have become affiliates of Sedera Health, a medical cost sharing company based in Austin, TX. You can find out more and sign up here.

  • Email: bill at thefireguild dot com
  • Phone: 207-539-7807


Chris Fry (Fry Law Firm) is a front Range lawyer helping with a variety of small business, landlord-tenant, divorce/child custody, and criminal law issues.


Diabase Machines: We make powerful benchtop CNC machines for prototyping 2.0.


Annie Larner: Moss offers marketing concierge services for real estate companies. Whether you want to increase the exposure of your listings or build your brand in the market, Moss can help.

  • Email: annie at thinkmoss dot com
  • Phone: 720.341.5157
  • Site:

Beau Blackwell: I help businesses run profitable Facebook, Google, and YouTube ad campaigns through a combination of data-driven targeting, constant testing and refinement, and complete sales funnel optimization.

The Five Figure Niche Site shows how to create a profitable, repeatable framework for creating an Amazon Affiliate Niche Site.

Doug Cunnington at Niche Site Project teaches affiliate marketing, SEO, and productivity.


The Doug Show is a podcast where Doug talks to marketing experts who share success stories and talk about making the leap from worker bee to entrepreneur.

Real Estate

Jeff Geagan: TribeVest is a fintech startup helping to give real estate groups better tools to invest through a web platform.

Mindy Jensen: Are you looking to buy or sell a home in the Front Range? I love working with buyers and sellers.

Zeona McIntyre: After starting to use Airbnb in 2012, I was able to reach Financial Independence in just 2 years. My passion is to empower others to find their own freedom through creative house hacking.

Libby Earthman specializes in helping first-time buyers and sellers pursue financial independence on the Front Range. Broker Associate with LoKation in Longmont.

  • Email: libby at libbyearthman dot com
  • Phone: 720.487.3126

Skilled Labor

Red Canyon Roofing: A Longmont based construction and roofing company.

  • Email: jose.rodriguez at redcanyonroofing dot com
  • Phone: 303.667.9816

Software Development

Troy Vitullo: I help wonderful people do terrible things!

  • Email: troy at troyvit dot com
  • Phone: 720.300.3045
  • Site:


Alan Bui: Is an experienced Technical Recruiter.

On the side, I am trying to create a side business revolving around my Vietnamese culture. Please feel free to reach out and ask me to learn more about this new business.


CoverageCritic helps consumers understand the wireless industry and find cell phone plans that are well-matched to their needs and budgets.

Matt Giovanisci created Money Lab in 2016 so he could build more brands, make more money, and write off his homebrewing hobby. Speaking of which, he started a homebrewing site called Brew Cabin.


Uncommon Dream: Michael Robinson blogs at and founded the NoCo Mustachians, a popular local Meetup group that meets regularly at MMM HQ and throughout northern Colorado.

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