How to Make a Relatively Sweet Shower – Cheap

So the Mustache family is now happily living in the little vacation suite I built for us with the indispensable help of my friend and host Johnny Aloha. There are still some finishing touches to add (including paint), but for the most part everything works now. The nicest part of this place is the shower,…

Unlock your Inner Mr. T – by Mastering Metal

As a kid, I occasionally had the pleasure of catching episodes of The A-Team when I was allowed to stay up late. The show had plenty of action and comedy, at a level ideal for a ten-year-old boy. But my favorite part was always the inevitable scene where the team would harvest a bunch of…

How to Become a Kickass Plumber – with PEX

This next edition of the Foreclosure Series answers the question: “How can I profitably maintain or fix up a bargain-priced house for eventual rental or resale, when it costs so much to do things like plumbing repairs?” When I was a 21-year-old just beginning an engineering career, I had no desire to become a plumber.…


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