My Top Questions from Internet Strangers

Every day, the ever-generous Google search engine sends thousands of random new people from around the world to the shores of our Mustachian Nation here. Do they find what they are looking for? Just for fun, let’s take a rapid-fire tour through the top questions people have asked the Internet over the course of the last…

Get Rich With: Blogging?

Well, there goes another million. Sometime last week, this blog reached the “two million page views” milestone. It took less than three months to get that second million, compared to nine months for the first one, which I wrote about on December 10th. I remember we all thought we were pretty big business back then,…

Mr. Money Mustache gets Passed the Early Retirement Torch

The word on the street today is that Jacob at Early Retirement Extreme is quitting his post as President of the blogging-about-how-we-should-all-spend-less-so-we-can-quit-our-jobs-in-our-thirties scene.  He’s doing it to focus on, if you can believe it, an exciting new JOB that he just accepted as a quantitative analyst in the financial industry.  It’s a big moment, because…

Weekend Edition: the blog so far

Sometime earlier in July, I was perusing the WordPress site stats that prove so addictive to bloggers. I noticed that during my distracted days of lake swimming and cottage building, this blog had hit a nice round number milestone of having had individual articles read a total of 100,000 times. That seemed like quite a…

First Retire, Then Have Kids

I’ve been broadening my blogging horizons a little bit and reading what other people are writing. One blog that caught my eye is Frugal Dad. I like the title and the great variety of topics he has covered over the years, in a nice easy-sipping style. The Frugal Dad is a guy who started out mixed…

An Experiment with Blog Moneymaking

Looking around at the other personal finance blogs, I notice that virtually all of them have some sort of advertising slipped into the page somewhere.  Do these people actually earn money just for wiggling their fingers atop a computer keyboard a little bit each day? Even though it’s just a website they created themselves to…

A Road Trip to Early Retirement Extreme

Today is actually a special occasion – Mr. Money Mustache’s first Guest Posting on another blog. The wise and benevolent writer of the Early Retirement Extreme blog, a guy named Jacob who also retired in his early 30s and has been running that site for several years, allowed me to write a “hello” to his…

How’s the Blog Doing, Anyway?

Happy Friday everyone. You probably feel pretty tired from the ambitious week of challenges we have done to this point, and perhaps you are still recovering from the complete and permanent loss of visits to Starbucks I imposed on you yesterday. So today, I thought we could take a break and I’ll let you in…


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