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It’s Winter… Get Out and Enjoy it!

I’ve decided to grant myself the rest of the year off*. But don’t worry, I’m extending the same privilege to YOU as well. As those of us in the North endure the coldest and darkest days of the year, everything seems to shut down. Some of this is a good thing – the holiday season…

MMM Gatherings! San Francisco and Portland

The Mustache family is on the move for the next week or so, visiting the West coast for a variety of festivities. To make more of an adventure of it, we decided to take the California Zephyr train out of Denver and wind our way through the full splendor of the Rockies instead of just…

Maximum Mustache March – Update

Wow, this special month of ours is really zooming past. By the time you read this, the Money Mustache Family will be deep in the high desert of Southern Colorado, camping out at the Great Sand Dunes National Monument. But I thought it would be handy to share some thoughts on the hardcore savings challenge…

Mustache on the Move: Heading to Lake Tahoe

Once every year, a magical time comes where a bunch of grown men get to act like teenagers again for a week. It’s called the Safety Pirates Snowboarding trip, and it involves a binge of out-of-bounds powder seeking, groomer speed competitions, moderate substance abuse, and late nights on the town or in the resort hot-tubs.…

Mustache Family on the Move Next Week

Hooray, it’s time for another one of our roadtrips. The schools will be throwing out all the kids for the ¬†holidays, so we figured we’d take our own son out for another real-world geography lesson for the next ten days or so. We’ll be leaving on Saturday and driving South to Santa Fe, New Mexico…

Mustache on the Move: The Evil Mister Money

Aha! I see there is an imitator trying to cash in on Mr. Money Mustache’s fame. When biking home from the library today, I passed through the border where the nice Big Trees and Historic Buildings and Cafes part of town degrades to the regular free-for-all capitalism-and-urban-sprawl section which characterizes most of the country. And…

Mustache on the Move: Gas Prices Still Way Too Low

Mustache on the Move! A catchy new feature where I capture breaking frugality news in and around the Boulder/Longmont, Colorado area and report back to you. And these reports will always come with an eye-opening image from my handy telephone camera. I love reading about gas prices, because here in the US, people get very…


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