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The Happy City and our $20 Trillion Opportunity

One of the joys and frustrations of being an engineer who is also a hopeless dreamer, is that you can see the beauty of what the world could be, while also feeling the burden of every single thing that is in the way of achieving that beauty. Envisioning this potential (and sometimes even having the…

Three Investments with an Instant Guaranteed Return

I generally keep this place pretty well disguised as an Early Retirement Financial Blog, but secretly it is a Life Improvement Blog. The glitzy monetary veneer allows me to get lots of media attention and scoop in readers, because everybody wants to read about money, and everybody wants more of it. “Meet the man who…

MMM Gatherings! San Francisco and Portland

The Mustache family is on the move for the next week or so, visiting the West coast for a variety of festivities. To make more of an adventure of it, we decided to take the California Zephyr train out of Denver and wind our way through the full splendor of the Rockies instead of just…

Fine Canadian Winemaking with Mr. Frugal Toque

Foreword from MMM: Mr. Toque is back with more advanced Mustachi0-Canadian techniques! While the methods described within definitely work in Ontario, if you have similar tricks for your own area, please share them in the comments. In the mean time, at least I have my Bota Boxes.. ————— If you grew up like me, which…

Canadian Investing with Mr. Frugal Toque: Part 1

An exciting event is coming up in my group of old friends: another one of us is approaching Early Retirement. Mr. Frugal Toque, whom you may recognize from his many comments and occasional guest posts on this site, is a software engineer in his mid-thirties living in the high-tech belt of Ottawa, Canada. We survived…

You Can Spare us Both the Outrage

The recent 50 Jobs post has been a nice success so far: I was happy with my own start to the list, but as expected the readers (as well as my celebrity guest contributors) got back to me with even better ideas. We’ll have an easy time bumping it up above 50 when Part Two…

Two Great Paychecks from the Mustachians

There’s a big, hidden part to this job of being Mr. Money Mustache that you don’t get to see every day: the stream of really neat emails that seem to constantly arrive. These letters from readers are as interesting as they are varied. Some of them I read aloud to Mrs. Money Mustache, or to…

Guest Posting: It’s All Bullshit!

It’s the weekend, and that means Mr. Money Mustache has nothing to say right now. But the MMM reader we all know as Mr. Frugal Toque does! Here’s an interesting rant he sent me a few weeks ago, which I thought would be ideal for this weekend’s guest posting:      It’s All Bullshit! Subtitle: Tax…


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