The Elephant in the Room: Housing

So far, I’ve complained about the excessive spending we do on cars, driving, gifts, cable TV, electricity.. all without even mentioning housing. Why? Housing is the biggest expense for most people, and there are some retirement/frugality/simple living blogs out there that advise you to live in an absolutely minimal house or even an RV. It…

I’ll show you my Electricity Bill if You show me Yours

With the feel-good articles of the Weekend Edition behind us, it’s time to get back to some hard numbers and some moneymakin’. After slicing your car expenses, which we’ve done a lot recently, one of the next big areas with room to simultaneously save money and preserve some clean breathing air is your electricity consumption.…

Mrs. Money Mustache: The Secret Life of Frugality

Introduction: Welcome to the first post by Mrs. Money Mustache herself. Long a lurker on this blog, she finally has some things to say to balance Mr. Money Mustache’s manly voice. There are many people that dream of retiring early.  I was never one of those people.  The idea of retirement in my 30s didn’t…

Weekend Edition: Happy Mother’s Day

It’s a warm and sunny day here at the Money Mustache Compound, and my little boy and his Mum are outside planting some new plants in an area of the backyard known as the Mother’s Day Garden. It all started one year when Mrs. M decided to tackle a certain back corner of the yard…

MMM Challenge: Cut your Cash-Leaking Umbilical Cord

The prize for this week’s challenge is about Nine Thousand Dollars, plus getting the equivalent of about 36 weeks of extra vacation time each year. That would bring you up fairly close to my own level of  leisure. The challenge, of course, is to immediately and completely cancel your cable television service forever. Now I…

Get Rich With: Profitable Leisure Time

Here at Mr. Money Mustache, the word “Leisure” seems to come up quite a bit. This is not only because it is a classic and amusing old-fashioned word, much like “Fancy”, but also because it is at the core of what we are promoting – it represents the freedom to do things that make you…

Instant Wealth Boost by Tidying up your Bank Accounts

Being Mr. Money Mustache comes with certain privileges and responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is helping individuals with their problems, and there was a rather interesting problem on the operating table here at MMM headquarters last week: A reader who happens to live in Colorado set up an appointment to meet with me to review…

MMM Save $100 This Week Challenge: Update

Good Morning Mustachian Trainees. I posted the $100 Challenge last Wednesday Night, which made Thursday the first day. The post got an unusually large number of reads last week, and again today due to a valued reader who posted it to her facebook page – thanks a lot! But have you actually been challenging yourself?…

Car Strategies to Cut your Costs in Four (or more)

Look at this amazing picture I covertly took on a walk through my neighborhood just this past weekend. It reminded me that it’s time to talk about cars again, because I love them, and because almost everyone is wasting way, way too much money on their cars. The average person’s car transportation costs ALONE ($8,000…


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