Living well on the trailing edge of Luxury

“The only constant in the world is change” That old quote is amazing, because it is so true no matter how deeply you think about it. What is even deeper is that it is credited to a guy in 500 BC, back when things were changing almost unfathomably slower than they are right now. Let’s…

Mustache on the Move: Gas Prices Still Way Too Low

Mustache on the Move! A catchy new feature where I capture breaking frugality news in and around the Boulder/Longmont, Colorado area and report back to you. And these reports will always come with an eye-opening image from my handy telephone camera. I love reading about gas prices, because here in the US, people get very…

MMM Challenge: Save 100 Dollars This Week

Perhaps you have been reading along so far, enjoying our little growing community, but you’re still not sure where to get started. There’s plenty of personal finance advice out there, but you’re too busy to search through all the disorganized piles of non-amusing advice. You want to do it the Mr. Money Mustache Way! Well,…

Unleash your Inner Hasselhoff for Greater Riches

“I drive a pickup truck because it’s comfortable and sometimes I need to haul things on the weekend” “There’s nothing in the fridge right now so let’s just go out for dinner” “I’ve read that Mr. Money Mustache claims to save $94,432 every ten years by riding a bike, but I don’t HAVE a bike,…

Springy Debt instead of a Cash Cushion

Q: Mr. Money Mustache, I was curious where you stood on the subject of building up a 6 month savings cushion versus flinging money at existing debt? I know what Dave Ramsay says, but I also value Mr. Money Mustache’s experienced opinion. Thanks! A: SOME sort of cushion, or ‘stash as we refer to it…

Silly and Misleading Retirement Calculators

I think the main reason people seem amazed at the idea of retiring at age 30, 40, or even 50 is the lack of real information on early retirement in general. If you type “retirement calculator” into a search engine these days, and enter some basic stats about yourself, you will find some very strange…

Get Rich With… Bikes

Hey there.. welcome to the first edition of my new “Get Rich With…” series. In these articles, we’ll analyze a bunch of ideas, both new and old, to see what kind of impact they can have on your life. (Hint: the impact will probably be a huge positive one, since these are all of my…


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